High blood pressure in adolescents of high economic status

OBJECTIVE: To verify the association between elevated blood pressure and related risks factors on adolescents of high economic level. METHODS: The sample included 233 schoolchildren (113 boys and 120 girls) on the fifth to the eighth grades of private elementary schools from Londrina, Paraná, Brazil. The subjects' economic level and food intake were evaluated by a questionnaire. The body mass was assessed with a Plenna digital scale; the height was measured with a wooden stadiometer (precision: 0.1cm); and the blood pressure, with an oscillometric device. Association between elevated blood pressure and different risk factors were evaluated by the t-test, chi-square test and by Poisson's regression with robust variance. RESULTS: Elevated blood pressure was present in 12.4% of the students and it was associated with gender and nutritional status. Poisson's regression adjusted model suggested that only nutritional status was independently associated with elevated blood pressure. CONCLUSIONS: A high rate of elevated blood pressure was found in adolescents from high economic level, and overweight was associated with this condition

adolescent; prevalence; blood pressure; obesity

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