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Theology of Prosperity in Campos: Religious adaptations in an autonomous Pentecostal organization


The article analysis the way by which a religious specialist and his Pentecostal church, with a regional reach, located in Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ, builds a specific resignification of theology of prosperity. Although the theology possesses a unifying core of conceptions and practices in relation to the human and the divine, the religious specialist we studied, Apostle Luciano, promotes adaptations and resignifications of these conceptions and practices. Therefore, this article analyzes a resignification of the Theology of Prosperity carried out by Apostle Luciano, leader of Semear Church adapting their practices and conceptions to offer religious goods adjusted to the actual and potential membership of this organization.

Key Words:
Semear Church; Pentecostalism; Theology of Prosperity; Religious Organizations

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