Afro-Catholic Agencies: modulations, tensions, transformations in religious festivals in Salvador

Cleidiana Ramos Fátima Tavares About the authors

Abstract: In the paper, we propose to address agencies of religious festivals in Salvador during the summer. Intensely present in these celebrations of great media visibility and popular participation, afro-catholic culture, however, is far from homogeneous. To understand these processes, we take as main reference the reports of the newspaper A Tarde throughout the 20th century and beginning of this century (the oldest periodical in circulation in the city), besides specialized literature on the subject and our participation in recent editions of the festivals. There are disputes, articulations and events occurring in this extension of time: the festivities have expanded and shrinking, intermingling the urban space with different religious performances that stimulate the festive transformations.

open square festival; Afro-Brazilian religions; religion and public space

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