Igreja Católica e mercados: a ambivalência entre a solidariedade e a competição

The Catholic Church faces in an ambiguous way the market's setbacks, the religious one and the economic itself. In the 1990s, it became obvious because of two opposites movements. On the one hand, the Charismatic Renewal, catholic reply to the Pentecostal (Pentecostal) competition at the religious market, has stimulated the use of marketing techniques and the projection of singer priests at the big media. On the other hand, the Liberation Theology, progressist tendency that has generated, among other things, the participation of militants in associatives economic enterprises, that belong to a set named solidary economy, which has been spread as a reply to "the labour market exclusion", that is, the unemployment. This article deals with the catholic relationship with those markets at the Brazilian society.

market and religion; Charismatic Renewal; catholic marketing; Liberation Theology; solidary economy

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