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O mercado pentecostal de pregações e testemunhos: formas de gestão do sofrimento

The paper investigates the emergence of a Pentecostal market of preaching and testimonies, in which individuals engage themselves in the careers of "itinerant-preachers", "giving their testimony" in churches and events. Through the narratives of dramatic episodes of their past, these individuals struggle to be included at the margins of religious market, converting their shattered biographies into symbolic commodities. In this Pentecostal industry of suffering, subjects considered "subproducts" of modernization are assimilated due to their character of "rest", due to the ambivalence their strange identities provide. Therefore, it is analyzed the construction of a sufferings market, perhaps one of the most surprising inventions of the ‘Brazilian way’ form of religious capitalism, in which the "abnormal" is transmuted in a lever for accumulation.

Pentecostal market; itinerant-preachers; management; suffering; religious capitalism

Instituto de Estudos da Religião ISER - Av. Presidente Vargas, 502 / 16º andar – Centro., CEP 20071-000 Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Tel: (21) 2558-3764 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil