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Texto e contextos da fé: o discurso mediado de Edir Macedo

Based on the book "The mysteries of the faith", written by the main leader of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Edir Macedo, I reflect about the notion of faith and about the characteristics of the author's discourse. I consider that, by focusing Macedo's text, it's possible to talk about discursive strategies reproduced in the denomination routine and also characterize the proselytists activities that take place from them. By analyzing Macedo's translation of the notion of faith in this publication, I point out the use of the ideas of "natural faith" and "supernatural faith", reinforcing the continuities and discontinuities between secularized world and religious universe in the author's propose.

Pentecostalism; Universal Church of the Kingdom of God; proselytism; analysis of discourse

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