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"This is too mixed": social and mediatic projects, health and public safety programs, religion and politics in the peripheries of Rio de Janeiro

This article aims to analyze the show of the brazilian gospel band Ministério Diante do Trono that took place at Complexo do Alemão - RJ, performed three months after its occupation by the Army in the context of the policy of "pacificação" (pacification), in order to discuss privileged mediators and mediation of the relationship among religion, politics and media in Rio de Janeiro. This perspective is based on the idea that the media landscape is crucial to the discussion of political, social and religious issues today in the state of Rio. Through an analysis of the pacification program promoted by the public safety state policy, this article discusses the process of production and maintenance of an effective moral project of redemption conducted by the government of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in order to associate the political "liberation" of some territories from the domain of crime, with a Christian religious liberation from sin, evil and the enemy.

religion; media; politics; city

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