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Influence of hospital environment on aspects related to breastfeeding

PURPOSE: To investigate the influence of hospital environment on aspects related to breastfeeding and communication on the mother/newborn interaction during the breastfeeding process. METHODS: This consisted on a cross-sectional study composed by 34 dyads: 18 in rooming and 16 in intermediate/medium care units of a public hospital. Each dyad was observed at the time of breastfeeding, and data were analyzed considering the aspects standardized by UNICEF for breastfeeding. Verbal and nonverbal communication modes were observed. RESULTS: Comparison of variables showed significant associations between hospital environment and the position of the mother in relation to the newborn and mother stimulation and vocalization to the neonate, with favorable percentage for the dyad that was in rooming. The other variables did not differ. CONCLUSION: Important conditions for the establishment of breastfeeding and communication between mother and newborn are influenced by the location of the dyad, especially the hospital environment.

Breast feeding; Communication; Mother-child relations; Rooming-in care; Intensive care units; neonatal

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