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A tumoral form of encephalic schistosomiasis: report of a case submitted to surgical treatment

The involvement of the central nervous system in the Schistosomiasis mansoni is uncommon and in the literature exist few reports in relation this ocurrence in the brain, in that the schistosoma eggs, usually promote a granulomatous reaction that remember an expansive tumour. A patient, male sex, from São Vicente de Ferrer (MA), 27 years old, had a tumour in the cerebellum, that had cirurgical therapy. Later histological studies of the cerebellar material of the patient, demonstrated an extensive granulomatous reaction around schistosoma eggs. The granulomatous reaction present different stages of evolution, since degenerative necrosis to organization granulomatous reaction. This is the first report from Maranhão (Brazil). The evolution of the patient was caracterized for incordination of members and trembles.

Tumoral form; Schistosomiasis mansoni; Cerebellum; Maranhão state

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