Giardia duodenalis: genotypic comparison between a human and a canine isolates

Giardia duodenalis: comparação genotípica entre isolados humano e canino

Karina Braga Gomes Ana Paula Fernandes Aline Menezes Ronaldo Amorim Júnior Edward Félix Silva Miriam Oliveira Rocha About the authors

INTRODUCTION: Evidence suggests that giardiasis is a zoonotic disease. The present work aimed to evaluate the genetic identity of Giardia duodenalis isolated from human and dog fecal samples from Belo Horizonte. METHODS: Human and dog fecal samples were cultured for isolation of G. duodenalis. To determine the genotype of the isolates, primers that amplify a specific region in rRNA of the protozoan were used. RESULTS: Two G. duodenalis isolates were obtained, which belong to the subgroup A genotype. CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that the transmission of giardiasis follows a zoonotic pattern.

Giardia duodenalis; Human isolate; Canine isolate

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