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Patient with chronic Chagas heart disease, hepatosplenic schistosomiasis and acquired immunodeficency syndrome: possible spontaneous resolution of thrombus in the right ventricle

The presence of right-sided cardiac thrombi seems to increase the risk of death due to thromboembolic events. There is a discrepancy, however, between the prevalence of cardiac thrombus and clinical thromboembolic events. Besides, the individual characteristics associated with a high risk of mortality have not been established. We present here a case report of a patient with mansonic schistosomiasis and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and chronic Chagas disease, who presents with a large thrombus in the right ventricle. The patient had uneventful evolution without any thromboembolic complications with resolution of right-ventricle thrombus.

Thrombus; Right ventricle; Chagas heart disease

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