Prevalence and risk factors of human infection by Toxocara canis in Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil

Rodrigo Fernandes Souza Vitor Camilo Cavalcanti Dattoli Livia Ribeiro Mendonça Joilson Ramos de Jesus Tiana Baqueiro Cláudia de Carvalho Santana Nilza Maria Santos Stella Maria Barrouin-Melo Neuza Maria Alcantara-Neves About the authors

INTRODUCTION: Larva migrans visceral is caused by Toxocara sp and has never been studied in Bahia. This work investigated the prevalence and risk factors for infection by Toxocara canis in individuals from Salvador, State of Bahia. METHODS: Three hundred and thirty-eight individuals were investigated for the presence of serum IgG anti-T. canis. RESULTS: IgG anti-T. canis was higher in individuals from lower social classes who had more contact with dogs and cats, indicating that these variables are factors risk for this infection. CONCLUSIONS: The prevalence of T. canis infection was high. The risk factors for this infection identified are in agreement with in the literature.

Toxocara canis; Risk factors; Social classes

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