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Infestaçao humana pelo Dipylidium caninum

The authors describe a case of Dipylidium caninum infestation in a child living in Araguari, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, who has presented skin lesions, insomnia, irritability, vomitingand lossof appetite. When the patient was treated with folk medicine they noticed excessive elimination of proglotids and the elimination of symptoms after being treated twice with mebendazol. However it was not possible to conclude anything about the drugs, due to the empiric medication and the administration of mebendazol in a dose of200 mg daily, which is not the quantity recommended for Cestodes (400 mg daily). The fecal examination of the dog that belongs to the family showed only ancylostomides.

Dipylidiasis; Dipylidium caninum

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