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In vitro study on thiabendazole action on viability of Ascaris lumbricoides (Lineu, 1758) eggs

Estudo in vitro da ação do tiabendazol sobre a viabilidade de ovos de Ascaris lumbricoides (Lineu, 1758)

The in vitro activity of thiabendazole on Ascaris lumbricoides eggs, which were recovered from uteri of worm excreted after chemotherapeutic treatment, was studied. Four concentrations of the drug were used: 1 -- 2.5 -- 5 -- and 10 ppm during 24, 48 and 72 hours of exposure. Subsequently, the eggs were centrifuged, washed three times and H2SO4 0.1N was added. The eggs were maintained in an incubator for 20 days at 28°C. Finally, the percentage of embryonated eggs was determined under a lightmicroscope at a 100X magnification. After 48 and 72 hours of thiabendazole exposure, at a concentration of 10ppm, the drug showed complete inhibition of egg embryonation.

Ascaris lumbricoides; Thiabendazole; Ovicide

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