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Leishmania mexicana: aspectos taxonómicos y rareza de la infección humana en Três Braços, Bahia, Brasil

César Augusto Cuba Cuba Air Colombo Barreto Philip Davis Marsden About the authors

In a study of 51 stocks of Leishmania isolated from patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis in Três Braços, Bahia, Brazil 49 were characterized as L. braziliensis braziliensis. Only two L. mexicana stocks were identified. One was subspeciated as L. mexicana amazonensis. The other differed from this species and to date remains unspeciated. The biological parameters, isoenzyme analysis and monoclonal antibody findings relating to these two strains are discussed. Transmission of parasites of the mexicana complex to man have been rare in this region during the 8 years of study of the human infection.

Leishmania mexicana L. mexicana amazonensis; Human transmission; Taxonomic aspects

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