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Occurrence of protozoa and helminthes in faecal samples of stray dogs from Itapema City, Santa Catarina

Renê Darela Blazius Sheila Emerick Josiane Somariva Prophiro Pedro Roosevelt Torres Romão Onilda Santos da Silva About the authors

Samples of feces from dogs seized by the health surveillance program of Itapema city, SC, were studied. From 158 samples examined 121 (76.6%) were positive, with a prevalence of Ancylostoma spp (70.9%), followed by Toxocara canis (14.5%), Trichuris vulpis (13.9%), Isospora spp (6.3%) and Dipylidium caninum (1.9%).

Helminths; Protozoa; Toxocara; Ancylostoma; Faecal samples of dogs

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