Phenotypic characterization of Schistosoma mansoni adult wormsrecovered from undernourished mice: a morphometric study focusing on the reproductive system

Caracterização fenotípica de vermes adultos de Schistosoma mansoni recuperados de camundongos desnutridos: estudo morfométrico do sistema reprodutor

Renata Heisler Neves Sheila Andrade de Oliveira José Roberto Machado-Silva Eridan Coutinho Delir Corrêa Gomes About the authors

A morphometric study focusing on some features of the reproductive system of Schistosoma mansoni adult worms was performed, aiming to complete previously reported data concerning the effects of undernourishment of the host on the parasites. Male worms were significantly affected (p<0.05) regarding the testicular lobes.

Schistosoma mansoni; Nutritional status; Morphometric study; Phenotypic plasticity

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