Evaluation of the sensitivity of the indirect immunofluorescence test at the 1:20 dilution in the diagnosis of Chagas disease

Vicente Amato Neto Cláudia Regina De Marchi Sandra Therezinha Rossitto Maria Savoia Nascimento About the authors

Sera from people in the chronic stage of Chagas disease, whose infection had been parasitologically validated, were assayed by using the indirect immunofluorescence test to evaluated its performance at the 1:20 dilution. All tests were consistently positive at 1:20 and higher dilutions, even in the presence of concomitant infection with the human immunodefficiency virus (HIV). It is thus valid, into the light of this experiment, to take into account the remarkable sensitivity of such serological test at the above mentioned dilution.

Chagas disease; Diagnosis; Indirect immunofluorescence test; 1:20 dilution; Sensitivity

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