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Cura espontânea da leishmaniose causada por Leishmania Viannia Braziliensis em lesões cutâneas

In field clinics in the comunities of Três Braços and Corte de Pedra, Bahia, we have attended 1.416 patients with tegumentary leishmaniasis in fourteen years, the predomi nant species in transmission is Leishmania Viannia brasiliensis (LVB). Because of the danger of metastasis with this infection treatment was routinely recomended with Glucantime. However sixteen patients refused injection therapy and six women were pregnant when seen and not treated. All patients were followed up in our clinic. All these patients closed their skin ulcers although one subsequently relapsed. Patients were followed up for variable periods (four to twelve years), after the diagnosis. In nine patients (40,9%) of the cohort, the time to healing after initiation of the lesion was calculated as six months of evolution. At twelve months, nineteen patients (86,3%) had complete healing of their lesions. In three patients an active lesion was present for longer than one year. The determinants of this variable natural evolution of human LVB lesion remains completely unknown. It is difficult for us to understand and compare the effects of therapeutic agents in mucocutaneous leishmaniasis.

Spontaneous healing; Leishmania Viannia Braziliensis; Cutaneous lesion

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