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Infestacion domestica por triatoma infestans y prevalencia de seropositivos al Trypanosoma cruzi en un area rural del nordeste argentino

An epidemiological study was earned out from April 1991 to December 1993 to obtain a general view of T. cruzi domestic transmission in rural areas of San Miguel Department, Comentes. From 100 analized households, 50.0% was infested by T. infestans (Klug, 1834) and 1.0% by T. sórdida (Stâl, 1859). Domiciliary colonization by T. sordida is reported for first time in Comentes province. T. cruzi infection of T. infestans was 23-1%. Indirect hemagglutination and indirect immunofluorescence antibody tests were used for detection of anti T. cruzi antibodies in 388 human sera, 23-4% showed serological reactivity. An important high rate (12.9%) was observed in the age group of higher transmission risk. Seropositives percentages increased with age and reached 50.0% in 31-40 years old group. Domestic infestation by T. infestans, seropositive human prevalence to T. cruzi and householders precarious life conditions prove that this endemic disease is still a problem in the studied area.

Triatomines; Infestation; T. cruzi; Seroprevalence; Corrientes

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