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Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Northern Argentina: identification of risk factors in a case-cohort study of three municipalities in Salta

The objective of this work was evaluate risk factors for acquiring cutaneous leishmaniasis in Salta, the region with the greatest indices of transmission in Argentina. A Case-cohort study was realized from June 1989 to December 1992. The procedures performed on cases and controls included: a) socio-demographic questionnaire; b) domestic and peridomestic environment description; c) physical exam of skin and nasal and oral mucosal; d) Montenegro Skin Test. Multivariate analysis showed a significant risk for factors outside the home (cattle management, hunting, sleeping at the work place) and while at home (sleeping outside of the bedroom, presence of three or more pigs in the yard and windows that cannot be locked in the closed position). This association allowed the identification of risk factors linked to the transmission of leishmaniasis in the home for the first time in Salta (Argentina).

Tegumentary leishmaniasis; Risk factors

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