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Aspectos gerais das septicemias e bacteriemias estafilocócicas no adulto

Adrelirio J. R. Gonçalves Francisco Duarte G. Neto Maria Helena Silva Brasil Vitorino Modesto dos Santos Sílvio Henrique Leopoldo F. Saldanha Albino J. Souza Filho Lúcia Emi Suzuki About the authors

Systemic infections by staphylococcus in 25 adult patients is reviewed. In all cases observed the germ identified bacteriologically as Staphylococcus aureus was isolated in blood culture in 17 cases. Clinical picture of septicemia with metastatic lesions mainly to the lungs and presenting the classical clinicai findings of multiple septic pulmonary infarts was observed in 18 cases. The most frequent cardiovascular complications were: myocarditis, endocarditis, shock and acute cor pulmonale. Meningitis, convulsions and coma were the outstandig neurological complications. The most frequent portal of entry was through skin infection (48% of our cases). In 20% of the cases criminal abortion was responsible for inception of the systemic infection. Pathological study in 4 cases is presented. The biological characteristics of the germ are paramount in the understanding of physiopathology of the systemic infection and in the understanding of the clinical picture as is discussed at length. The pathogenesis, clinical aspects and fundamentals of the therapeutic approach are briefly considered.

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