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A tomografia computadorizada na avaliação do comprometimento abdominal na paracoccidioidomicose

Computerised tomography was utilized in 25 paracoccidioidomycosis patients to evaluate abdominal involvement. This was observed in patients, 75% of acute (juvenile type) and 23% of chronic (adult type) patients. The most frequent alteration was abdominal lymphnode enlargement (12/25 cases). Other lesions consisted of lymphnode calcification in 4 cases, biliary tract obstruction in 5 icteric patients, splenic abscess or calcification in 3 cases. Two patients had unusual lesions: one with pancreatic enlargement and irregularity and other with multiple abscesses in both psoas muscles. It was concluded that computerised tomography is a useful procedure for evaluating paracoccidioidomycosis dissemination to the abdomen and for the diagnosis of its abdominal complications.

Paracoccidiodomycosis; X-ray computerised tomography; Limphatic disease; Biliary tract and spleen pathology

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