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Avaliação de uma nova microtécnica de fixação de complemento (Garcia & Sotelo, 1991) para o diagnóstico da doença de Chagas crônica com diferentes preparações antigênicas

From this present data it has been evaluated a new complement fixation test, comparatively to indirect immunofluorescence to diagnose chronic Chagas' disease, utilizing one watery extract of epimastigotes of Trypanosoma cruzi and three other ethanolic extracts: one from epimastigotes, one from tripomastigotes and a third one of amastigotes obtained from cultures. Utilizing 236 serum samples indirect immunofluorescence test was performed: 109 positives (20 of them with positive parasitologic diagnostic) and 127 negatives (96 of healthy blood donors and 31 with other diseases). The results have showed that is possible a positive reaction in diluted samples up to 1:16. The best limits of reactivity found were the dilutions 1:4 for the ethanolic extract of amastigotes and 1:2 for the others antigens. The correlation index among the new complement fixation test and indirect immunofluorescence test showed that the ethanolic extract from epimastigotes was the best antigen to be utilized to diagnosis purposes. Its co-positivity index with indirect immunofluorescence was 0,92207 and the co-negative index was 0,90000. Concluding, the new complement fixation test showed itself as a fast, sensible, easily applicable semiquantitative microthecnique to the diagnosis of chronic Chagas' disease.

Chagas' disease; Diagnosis; Complement fixation

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