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Acidente crotálico na infância: aspectos clínicos, laboratoriais, epidemiológicos e abordagem terapêutica

At the Hospital of Clinics of the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto/USP during the years 1980-1989 21 children have been attended after rattlesnake bite: 16 severe and 5 with moderate envenomation. Four (20%) developed acute tubular necrosis 2 necessitating dialysis. One patient died 13 days after the bite and grave complications including digestive hemorrhage and acute respiratory insuficiency. All patients preserved clinical laboratory and epidemiological characteristics of Crotalus durissus terrificus envenomation. We also comment on the correct management of such patients specially related to antivenin dosage and the prevention ofacute tubular the most serious complication of such an accident.

Crotalus durissus terrificus; Snake bites in children; Rhabdomyolysis; Myoglobinuria

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