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Estudo necroscópico de um caso da forma crônica da doença de Chagas com eletrocardiograma e raio-X de tórax normais: referência especial ao sistema excito-condutor do coração

The authors describe the morphological changes in the "postmortem " study of a man probably with the indeterminate form of the Chagas' disease. The heart exhibited lesions of the epicardium, myocardium and endocardium, as well as of the conduction system, primarily small inflammatory foci. There was mild fibrosis of the myocardium, atrioventricular node, and left bundle branch (at its origin). These alterations, although mild, were similar, in quality, to those described in the other chronic forms of Chagas' disease, and suggest active lesions, with a potential for further development. In the esophagus, among other features, a striking reduction of the number of neurons was observed.

Chagas' disease; Indeterminate form of Chagas' disease; Heart; Conduction system; Esophagus

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