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A pupila na fase crônica da doença de Chagas e reação à pilocarpina e à fenilefrina

To develop a method to analyse pupillary disturbances in patients with chronic Chagas disease in an endemic area, ten chagasic and ten normal subjects were matched according to sex, age and race. Pupillary diameter and area ivere determined using projection and topography techniques and compared between groups. Both pupils were visualised simultaneously. In each case three photographs were taken under standardised illumination. The first photo was obtained without medication, the second, 30 minutes after instillation of -0,1% pilocarpine and the last 30 minutes after instillation of 3% phenylephrine (60 minutes after pilocarpine). Pupils of chagasic patients had a statistically significant greater initial diameter and area, irregularity of the pupil border, greater percentual reduction in diameter and area after pilocaipine 0.1% and greater percentual increase in diameter and area after 3% phenylephrine eyedrops. The tnethod developed for this study was considered satisfactory. The results suggest ocular autonomic newous system disturbances in chagasic patients.

Anisocona; Pupil; Chagas' disease

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