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Intestinal spirochetosis and colon diverticulosis

Espiroquetose intestinal e diverticulose do cólon

Marcus Aurelho de Lima André Luís Barbosa Vitorino Modesto dos Santos Felipe Prata Misiara About the authors

A case of intestinal spirochetosis in a 62-year-old white male is reported. The condition was characterized by chronic flatulence and episodes of intestinal hemorrhage, in addition to the evidence of hypotonic diverticular disease, with a large number of slender organisms in the colon epithelium and cryptae. Spirochetes were demonstrated by Whartin-Starry stain. The serologic tests for syphilis and HIV were positive. Spirochetosis was treated with penicillin G, and the patient remains free of intestinal complaints 20 months later.

Colon; Diverticulosis; HIV; Intestinal bleeding; Spirochetosis

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