Predictive factors of post-discharge surgical site infections among patients from a teaching hospital

Adriana Estela Biasotti Gomes Ricardo de Souza Cavalcante Érika Cibele Pereira Pavan Elaine da Silva Freitas Carlos Magno Castelo Branco Fortaleza About the authors


Surgical site infections (SSIs) often manifest after patients are discharged and are missed by hospital-based surveillance.


We conducted a case-reference study nested in a prospective cohort of patients from six surgical specialties in a teaching hospital. The factors related to SSI were compared for cases identified during the hospital stay and after discharge.


Among 3,427 patients, 222 (6.4%) acquired an SSI. In 138 of these patients, the onset of the SSI occurred after discharge. Neurological surgery and the use of steroids were independently associated with a greater likelihood of SSI diagnosis during the hospital stay.


Our results support the idea of a specialty-based strategy for post-discharge SSI surveillance.

Infection control; Surgical site infections; Surveillance

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