The present position regarding schistosomiasis mansoni in Pampulha lake, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

The present distribution of planorbid snails, the intermediate hosts of Schistosoma mansoni, in Pampulha lake (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - Brazil) and the rapid dispersal of Biomphalaria tenagophila in the lake perimeter are described. The presence of B. tenagophila naturally infected by S. mansoni in this hydric collection is also reported for the first time. The epidemiological importance of these observations is indicated as also is the possibility of B. tenagophila replacing the primitive population of B. glabrata in the Pampulha lake.

Schistosoma mansoni; Biomphalaria glabrata; Biomphalaria tenagophila; Pampulha lake, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

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