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The concept of disease and of the preservation of health in a sample population of teachers and pupils of a school course for 7-14 year olds

In view of the fact that information about how teachers and students conceptualize illness and their ideas of health preservation have important implications of health education, these two concepts were studied in a sample population of teachers and pupils, of a school course of up to 14-year-olds, representative of the northern area of Rio de Janeiro County. The results obtained are discussed in the light of two approaches: (a) the contributions from the cognitive theories of concept formation; (b) the influence of the social context in the acquisition, development and characterization of the concepts studied. This study was undertaken with a view to contributing to the field of health education by means of critical review and reflection on the concept of the health illness process in schools, in view of the complex and multidimensional aspects involved in the process.

Health education; Concept formation; Attitude to health; School health

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