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Diagnostic reliability of mental disorders of the International Classification of Diseases - primary care

Ellis D'A Busnello Leila Tannous Luciana Gigante Dinarte Ballester Maria P Hidalgo Vilma da Silva Mário Juruena Angela Dalmolin Gabriela Baldisserotto About the authors

INTRODUCTION: The objective is to evaluate the test version of Chapter V - "Mental and Behavioral Disorders reliability", of the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases, Version for Primary Care (ICD -10 PC), prepared by the Division of Mental Health of the World Health Organization (WHO). METHODS: During September and October of 1994, Community General Physicians (CGP) from the Health and Environment Department of the State of Rio Grande do Sul were trained in the use of this version, prepared for the field trial, according to the design proposed by WHO. RESULTS: The results refer to a study about reliability of diagnosis attributed by 9 pairs of CGP to 460 patients in their first appointments. Cohen's Kappa for Mental Health Disorder, present or absent, was 0,79 (CI 95%: 0,69 - 0,88). CONCLUSION: The use of ICD-10 CP will give more specificity to the information and will allow a better communication between health workers at the level of primary care.

Mental disorders; International Classification of Diseases; Validity

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