Increasing risk of cutaneous melanoma in Brazil

The occurrence of cutaneous malignant melanoma in Brazil is analysed on the basis of available mortality data from the National Ministery of Health and from the incidence data of six Population-based Cancer Registries (Recife, Fortaleza, S.Paulo, Porto Alegre, Goiânia e Belém). The incidence in these State capitals has an intermediate pattern if compared to the world pictures. For Porto Alegre, the capital that had the highest rates, a comparison between the periods 1979-1982 and 1987 showed a proportional increases of 38% among males and 11% among females. The conclusion is reached that it is necessary to undertake studies in Brazil among fairskinned people from particular communities which may show a potentialized risk for the development of cutaneous melanoma in order to be able to define what kind of specific control actions should be developed.

Melanoma; Skin neoplasms; Risk factors

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