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A model of socio-economic analysiss its construction and obtained results

Vera Lúcia S. Botta Ferrante Valdemar Vertuan Benedicto Egbert Correa de Toledo About the authors

A model of socio-economic analysis is here presented with the purpose of constructing a possible scale of society's structure and determinating the position of a certain population in it. The model was constructed from a group of indicators, previously selected as being the most significative for further evaluation of the socio-economic level of the sample. The objective of the construction of this particular model is to demonstrate the interference of socio-economic variables in the occurrence of certain oral problems. The investigation showed the following composition for the studied population: inferior low, 21.8%; superior low, 39.9%; inferior middle, 26.6%; superior middle, 9.1%; inferior high, 1.7%; superior high, 0.5%.

Socio-economic analysis; Socio-economic level; Socio-economic model

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