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Risk factors for non-communicable chronic diseases: a domiciliary enquiry in the City of S. Paulo, Brazil. Methodology and preliminary results

The non-communicable chronic diseases are important causes of death in Brazil, mainly in the great urban centres. There are various risk factors related to these diseases, whose remotion or attenuation would contribute to a fall in mortality. The methodology of the first comprehensive multicenter study into risk factors of non-communicable chronic diseases carried out in Latin America is explained. In Brazil, this study was carried out in the cities of S. Paulo, SP and Porto Alegre, RS. Preliminary results from the city of S. Paulo as to the prevalence of arterial hypertension (22.3%), tabagism (37.9%), obesity (18.0%), alcoholism (7.7%) and sedentarism (69.3%) are presented. These results are compared with existing data from Brazil and other countries, and the relationship between various risk factors and the mortality from cardiovascular diseases in S. Paulo and some developed countries is discussed.

Chronic disease; Risk factors; Morbidity surveys

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