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The challenge of assessing the impact of science beyond bibliometrics

It is hoped that the knowledge produced by scientific research turns into concrete benefits (material or non-material). Bibliometrics, with its various indexes, became the reference of scientific evaluation as an “objective” measure of scientific impact. In Brazil, the evaluation system focused on CAPES has been of great importance for the development of postgraduate studies and research; however changes are necessary, among others, to its bibliometric approach. If we consider the area of health, the challenge of the Unified Health System (SUS) implies the search for scientifically sound alternatives, regarding questions ranging from diagnosis, cure and prevention of a variety of problems, to the organization of a macro-structure capable of giving broad and equal access to the resources required for improving the health of the population. The solutions require expertise and creativity on the part of the researchers and the expected products must include, but are not limited to scientific publications.

Researcher Performance Evaluation Systems; Scientific Publication Indicators; Periodicals as Topic; Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators

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