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Care cost for pregnant and parturient women with diabetes and mild hyperglycemia

Costo de la asistencia de gestantes y parturientas diabéticas y con hiperglicemia leve

Custo da assistência de gestantes e parturientes diabéticas e com hiperglicemia leve

Ana Claudia Molina Cavassini Silvana Andrea Molina Lima Iracema Mattos Paranhos Calderon Marilza Vieira Cunha Rudge About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To compare inpatient and outpatient care costs for pregnant/parturient women with diabetes and mild hyperglycemia. METHODS: A prospective observational quantitative study was conducted in the Perinatal Diabetes Center in the city of Botucatu, Southeastern Brazil, between 2007 and 2008. Direct and indirect costs and disease-specific costs (medications and tests) were estimated. Thirty diet-treated pregnant women with diabetes were followed up on an outpatient basis, and 20 who required insulin therapy were hospitalized. RESULTS: The cost of diabetes disease (prenatal and delivery care) was US$ 3,311.84 for inpatients and US$ 1,366.04 for outpatients. CONCLUSIONS: Direct and indirect costs as well as total prenatal care cost were higher for diabetic inpatients while delivery care costs and delivery-postpartum hospitalization were similar. Prenatal and delivery-postpartum care costs were higher for these patients compared to those paid by Brazilian National Health System.

Pregnant Women; Hyperglycemia; Diabetes; Diabetes; Health Care Costs; Perinatal Care; Postpartum Period

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