Scientific output in the collective health area: journal profile and evaluation by Capes

Collective Health is characteristically a broad and complex field of study, presenting itself as a major challenge for the evaluation process carried out by Capes. The aim of the present work was to provide a panorama of postgraduate education in the field of collective health and to discuss aspects of the criteria adopted for its evaluation. The evaluation of postgraduate programs is carried out on a yearly basis. For this, program structure, its academic staff and students, research and teaching activities, theses and dissertations, and intellectual production are taken into account. The evaluation of the latter has been subject of criticism for favoring the publication of papers and for basing ranking of production on journal indexing and impact factors. Despite criticisms and reservations towards the evaluation process, the analysis of the Brazilian scientific production, in general and in the case of Collective Health, shows a very positive scenario, with an important increase in the number of postgraduate courses, teachers, and students. Thus, the panorama of postgraduate programs is favorable, but continuously rethinking and perfecting the evaluation process is essential to guarantee its contribution to the growth and strengthening of the system.

Evaluation; Education, graduate; Public health; Publications

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