On the use of qualitative methods in Collective Health, or the lack of a theory

The present study problematizes certain uses of qualitative in the field of collective health methods, which are characterized by a lack of theoretical references and gloss over the rationality involved in their use as a technique exclusively. The proliferation and acceptance of such studies probably occur due to the strength of the instrumental rationality with which they have been conducted. Although frequently observed in a careful way, the results are not always supported by a careful presentation of the theoretical framework that underlies the interpretation. The use of "validated" techniques, the discourses constructed, and narratives of the actions of the "subjects" studied do not commit the researcher to the process of investigation, as they are separated from the historical-spatial contextualization and the theoretical-methodological landmark that imprint a historical and social sense to studies.

Qualitative Research; Methodology; Measurements, Methods and Theories; Public Health; Critical thinking

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