Validation of the Brazilian version of the "Spanish Burnout Inventory" in teachers

OBJECTIVE: To assess factorial validity and internal consistency of the Brazilian version of the "Spanish Burnout Inventory" (SBI). METHODS: The translation process of the SBI into Brazilian Portuguese included translation, back translation, and semantic equivalence. A confirmatory factor analysis was carried out using a four-factor model, which was similar to the original SBI. The sample consisted of 714 teachers working in schools in the metropolitan area of the city of Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, in 2008. The instrument comprises 20 items and four subscales: Enthusiasm towards job (5 items), Psychological exhaustion (4 items), Indolence (6 items), and Guilt (5 items). The model was analyzed using LISREL 8. RESULTS: Goodness-of-Fit statistics showed that the hypothesized model had adequate fit: χ2(164) = 605.86 (p<0.000); Goodness-of-Fit Index = 0.92; Adjusted Goodness-of-Fit Index = 0.90; Root Mean Square Error of Approximation = 0.062; Nonnormed Fit Index = 0.91; Comparative Fit Index = 0.92; and Parsimony Normed Fit Index = 0.77. Cronbach's alpha measures for all subscales were higher than 0.70. CONCLUSIONS: The study showed that the SBI has adequate factorial validity and internal consistency to assess burnout in Brazilian teachers.

Burnout; Professional; diagnosis; Validity of Tests; Reproducibility of Results; Validation Studies

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