Evaluation of three antigenically different rabies virus strains in mice: II -Study of the viral dissemination in different organs

A study was conducted to compare three strains of rabies virus, two of them, Jales and Nigeria, isolated from dogs, and the other DR 19, from vampire bats, with different nucleo-capside antigenic characteristics. These strains were intramuscularly inoculated in the inner side of the thigh of 21 and 28 day-old mice. The animals were observed for 30 days and different organs: brain, spinal cord, tongue, heart, lung, kidney and liver were collected from the animals which died of rabies for the dissemination study by the immunofluorescent antibody technique (IFA). This technique showed complete agreement between brain and spinal cord. The greatest differences in dissemination were observed between Jales and Nigeria strains. The results observed for the DR 19 strain were situated between those of the two dog strains. The greates degree of dissemination was observed in the tongue for both age group and for all the strains.

Rabies virus; Rabie

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