The development of transversal competence of health service managers

Roberto Gonzalez Duarte Irene Kazumi Miura Namie Okino Sawada Marilia Alves Renata Petrin About the authors


In their pedagogical projects, health management courses focus on multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, comprehensiveness and transversality, whose main merit is to question health issues from different theoretical perspectives. Analyzing these issues under many perspectives does not necessarily mean the development of transversal competences. The development and application of these competences suppose going beyond integrating curricular contents and theory/practice. They depend on how the knowledge will be articulated to changes at organizational, sectorial and institutional levels and on the coevolution between these competences and changes. It is understood that health services manager role is effectively transversal when he/she: (i) acts at organizational boundaries, fostering interaction between organizations and other actors in the system; (ii) provides (and receives) feedback to (and from) these actors; and (iii) these feedbacks help decision makers to undertake organizational changes to respond to the environment and shape it.

Health Manager Competency-Based Education; Public Health; Higher Education; Coevolution

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