Mortality due to diabetes mellitus in the city of S. Paulo (Brazil): its evolution over a period of 79 years (1900-1978) and analysis of some associated causes

The trend of the mortality from diabetes mellitus in the city of S. Paulo, Brazil, is presented through a historical series of 79 years (1900 to 1978). A progressive increase in mortality rates was noted until 1960, when they showed a tendency to become stable around 20 per 100.000 inhabitants. The proportional mortality ratio from diabetes mellitus increased more than the rates. For a given point in the period studied (1974/75), mortality from diabetes mellitus was analysed according to the methodology of the multiple causes of death, which made possible the study of the more frequent underlying causes in diabetics and also of the more important associations of causes. In both cases cardiovascular diseases proved to be the most frequent, especially ischemic heart and cerebrovascular diseases, while arterial hypertension was very important as an associated cause.

Diabetes mellitus; Mortality; S. Paulo, SP, Brazil; Death

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