Observations on some tripanosomatides from genus Blastocrithidia, naturally infecting triatomines in the laboratory and the field

Eduardo Olavo da Rocha e Silva Dino Baptista Germano Pattoli Renato de Robert Corrêa José Carlos Rehder de Andrade About the authors

In confirming the presence of tripanosomatides not belonging to the Trypanosoma genus in the triatomes' intestine induced SUCEN (Secretaria da Saúde do Estado de São Paulo) to the routine staining of slides of the collected material in the intestinal tube of bugs for the identification of the flagellated shapes. The results obtained with the introduction of this technique and the first discovery of Panstrongy megistus and Triatoma sordida, in São Paulo, with natural infection, in the field, by trypanosomatides of genus Blastocrithidia are reported.

American trypanosomiasis; Epidemiology; Blastocrithidia; Triatomids

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