This special issue of Scientia Agricola presents original papers, notes, reviews and a point of view about a subject of great importance for agriculture around the world: Agrometeorology and Plant Disease.

This subject deals with the influence of weather/climate on the occurrence and proliferation of plant diseases, which has as main advantages to determine the potential for plant disease occurrence in a broad scale for current conditions and under climate change scenarios, as well as to establish disease warning systems for rational use of chemical control. As mentioned by several authors in this special issue, this approach is part of the Integrated Pest/Disease Management systems of several countries, which is becoming essential for agriculture sustainability.

This initiative brings together the expertise of several researchers from Brazil, Canada, Holland, Italy, United States and Venezuela to present a series of information that shows the state of art of the interaction between two important agricultural sciences: Agrometeorology and Phytopathology.

It is our pleasure to launch this special issue, contributing in an effective way to disseminate concepts and practical results on how integrated knowledge of two different sciences can lead to a more rational and environmental friendly agriculture.

Paulo Cesar Sentelhas

USP/ESALQ - Editor of vol. 65, special issue

Klaus Reichardt

USP/CENA - Editor of vol. 65, special issue

Luís Reynaldo Ferraciú Alleoni

USP/ESALQ - Editor-in-Chief Scientia Agricola

Publication Dates

  • Publication in this collection
    22 Jan 2009
  • Date of issue
    Dec 2008
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