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Effects of Agrostemmin on number of leaves and height of soybean plants

A.A.H. Fernandes J.D. Rodrigues S.D. Rodrigues About the authors

A greenhouse experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of Agrostemmin (plant stimulant) on height and number of leaves of soybean plants (Glycine max L Merril cv. IAC-8). Six treatments were studied: check (T1); 0,125g Agrostemmin/l00g seed (T2); 0,125g Agrostemmin/100 seed and foliar spraying 333 ppm (T3); 0,125g Agrostemmin/l00g seed and foliar spraying 500 ppm (T4); foliar spraying 333 ppm (T5) and foliar spraying 500 ppm (T6). Three samplings were made at 14 day intervals. The experimental layout was completely randomized, using two variance, testing regression effects. Agrostemmin applied to the seed (T2) or sprayed on the leaves at the rate of 500 ppm (T6) increased height and number of leaves of soybean, whereas the combination of Agrostemmin applied to the seeds and sprayed at 500 ppm (T4) decreased those values.

Glycine max L.; Agrostemmin; plant stimulant

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