Conidiogenesis of deteriorated variant of the strain Abnc of Aspergillus nidulans

Conidiogênese de variantes deteriorados da linhagem Abnc de Aspergillus nidulans

The Abnc strain of A. nidulans carries the bncA1 gene (binucleated conidia), which induces the formation of binucleate and trinucleate conidia, displaying a chromosome I duplicated area and shifted to the chromosome II (I->II), and bringing forth genetic instability with degenerated sectors. This work has considered in a cytological level the conidiogenesis of the deteriorated variants isolated from the Abnc strain of A. nidulans, observing the event at the level of structural alterations, which composes the conidiophore, and the variations in the number of sterigmata and conidia nuclei. Cytogenetic analyses of conidiogenesis were accomplished in predetermined periods, under Giemsa stain, to observe the nuclei and analysis through the Scanning Electronic Microscopy, and also the structures that composes the conidiophore. The analyzed, deteriorated variants presented alterations in the cell-foot, metulae and phialides structure, conidiophore number and conidias reduction, and the formation of secondary conidiophores. These alterations can be related to genes for the development, bristle, and activities of NIMA e NINXcdc2 (involved in morphogenesis regulatory cycle) that induce the expression of brislte, establishing the link to the regulation and expression of the genes control throughout the conidiophore development.

bristle; conidiophore; developmental mutants

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