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Selection of cellulosic baits for Heterotermes tenuis (isoptera: rhinotermitidae) in sugarcane crop

M.B.S. CAMPOS S.B. ALVES N. MACEDO About the authors

The attractiveness of seventeen products with high cellulose content to the subterranean termite Heterotermes tenuis (H.,1858), an important sugarcane pest in Brazil, was studied in sugarcane areas. Using TermitrapR baits, colonies of the insect were localized in the field. Seventeen products (dry sugarcane bagasse "in natura"-T1; sugarcane bagasse + shredded corrugated fiberboard-T2; sugarcane bagasse + refined sugar-T3; sugarcane bagasse + shredded corrugated fiberboard + refined sugar-T4; decomposed sugarcane bagasse-T5; decomposed sugarcane bagasse + shredded corrugated fiberboard-T6; decomposed sugarcane bagasse + refined sugar-T7; decomposed sugarcane bagasse + shredded corrugated fiberboard + refined sugar-T8; filtercake "in natura"-T9; filtercake decomposed-T10; grounded maize-T11; fresh and dry cowdung-T12; shredded corrugated fiberboard-T13; shredded paper towel-T14; pine sawdust-T15; used shredded corrugated fiberboard -T16; shredded cellulose-T17) were placed in previously recognized foraging points, and by applying a note scale of zero to three, according to the number of termites collected, the most attractive products were selected, in a decreasing order: T12, T11, T1, T6, T3, T16 and T17.

insecta; termites; trap

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