Alternative method for volumetric core removal in hardsetting soils

Método alternativo para a retirada de anéis volumétricos em solos coesos

Herdjania Veras de Lima Álvaro Pires da Silva Sílvia Imhoff Afrânio Ferreira Neves Junior About the authors

Due to the narrow window of ideal moisture conditions required for collecting undisturbed soil samples from hardsetting horizons in the field, this study compared the efficiency of an alternative method of soil core removal in the laboratory with that of the traditional field method by using measurements of soil bulk density data (Db). In a first sampling, cylinders were removed with a soil sampler in the field. In a second sampling, large soil blocks were removed with Kubiena-type zinc (brass) boxes in the field. Volumetric core cylinder samples were removed from these blocks in the laboratory with a manual hydraulic pump. There were no differences between the Db values determined from the laboratory and the field coring method. The laboratory method was considered more efficient than the field method because it allowed reductions in the errors made by operators in the field, and those caused by differences in soil water content. The laboratory method allows sampling in hardsetting horizons throughout the year, and collecting soil core samples under conditions of controlled moisture and applied force.

soil sampler; undisturbed samples; soil bulk density

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