Estimation of leaf area for greenhouse cucumber by linear measurements under salinity and grafting

Estimativa da área foliar do pepino em ambiente protegido por medidas lineares sob salinidade e enxertia

The measurement of leaf area by linear parameters is a useful tool when plants cannot be destroyed for direct measurement. The objectives of this study were to establish equations to estimate the leaf area of greenhouse-cucumber and to evaluate the effects of salinity and grafting on this estimative. Non-grafted cucumber seedlings, cv. 'Hokushin', were transplanted in a greenhouse and were irrigated with water of different salinities (1.0, 3.2 and 5.0 dS m-1). In the second growing period, the same cultivar was grafted on Cucurbita spp. and the plants were irrigated with water of 1.4, 3.0 and 5.3 dS m-1. Leaves of different sizes were collected from both experiments and leaf area was determined by an integrating area meter. Leaf length (L) and width (W) were also recorded. An equation for estimating the leaf area from L and W was developed for a given salinity level or grafting condition and estimated well the area of leaves collected in the other treatments. The leaf area (LA) of cucumber 'Hokushin' could be estimated using the equation LA = 0.88LW - 4.27, for any grafting and salinity conditions.

regression; irrigation water salinity

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